Best Coloring Books for Sharpies

Are you looking for the best coloring books to use with your Sharpies? Check out this comprehensive guide to the top options available on the market.

Sharpies are a popular tool for adult coloring, providing vibrant colors that can make your artwork pop. However, not all coloring books are created equal when using Sharpies.

This guide will look at the best coloring books for Sharpies today, including options for different styles, skill levels, and budgets. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting, you’ll find something to love on our list.

Best Coloring Books for Sharpies on the Market:

Mindfulness Coloring Book
  • Author Blue Bow Books
  • Pages124
  • Size 8.5×11 inches
Amazing Animals
  • Author Coloring Book Kim
  • Pages102
  • Size 8.5×11 inches
100 Amazing Patterns
  • Author Jade Summer
  • Pages206
  • Size 8.5×11 inches
Large Print Easy Color & Frame
  • Author New Seasons
  • Pages64
  • Size 8.7510 inches
Creative Haven Around the World Color
  • Author George Toufexis
  • Pages96
  • Size 8×10.5 inches

Price may change anytime. Last update date – 27th Feb 2023

What Makes a Good Coloring Book for Sharpies?

When looking for the best coloring books for Sharpies, there are a few key factors to consider. These include:

Heavy-duty paper: Coloring books with heavy-duty paper are the best option for use with Sharpies. This type of paper is designed to prevent bleed-through, which can ruin the designs on the opposite page. 

Heavy-duty paper is thicker and more durable, making it an excellent choice for Sharpie use. Some of the best options for heavy-duty paper include the ColorIt Coloring Books and the Secret Garden Coloring Book by Johanna Basford.

Design: Look for a coloring book with designs that appeal to you and are appropriate for your skill level. A good coloring book should have a mix of simple and complex designs, allowing you to progress and challenge yourself as you improve.

Size: Consider the size of the coloring book and whether it will fit your lifestyle and workspace. Portable options, such as pocket-sized coloring books, are ideal for those who like to color on the go. Larger books, on the other hand, are great for those who prefer to work on a stationary setup.

Versatility: A coloring book that can be used with various coloring tools, including Sharpies, pencils, and watercolor, is a great choice. This coloring book will allow for greater creativity and versatility, making it more enjoyable.

The benefit of Best Coloring Book for Sharpies

A coloring book made just for Sharpies can be helpful in several ways. Here are more detailed benefits of using a coloring book designed for Sharpies:

High-quality paper: These coloring books are usually made of thicker and more durable materials, which helps prevent bleed-through from the Sharpies. The thicker paper also provides a smoother surface for the markers to glide on, allowing for better control and precision.

Vibrant and intense colors: Sharpies are known for their bright and vivid colors, and a coloring book specifically designed for them will help to bring out the best in these markers.

The paper used in these coloring books is often treated to ensure the colors are as vibrant as possible, giving your artwork a professional look.

Minimal bleed-through: One of the most significant issues with using permanent markers like Sharpies is the potential for bleed-through to the other side of the paper. 

A coloring book designed for Sharpies will have the paper treated to minimize bleed-through, allowing you to color on both sides without the colors bleeding through.

Durable binding: The pages of these coloring books are often bound more securely, which helps to prevent pages from falling out and keeps the book intact for longer. This makes them ideal for children and adults who want to create lasting artwork.

Versatile designs: Coloring books designed for Sharpies often feature designs, including intricate patterns, mandalas, animals, and nature scenes, making them suitable for various coloring preferences and skill levels.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best paper to use with Sharpies?

Heavy-duty paper is best for use with Sharpies, as it can handle the bleed-through of the markers.

What are the best coloring books for beginners?

For beginners, the Johanna Basford Secret Garden Coloring Book and Leisure Arts coloring books are great options, as they feature designs that are not too complicated and are suitable for different skill levels.

Are coloring books with heavy-duty paper more expensive?

Not necessarily, as options are available at different prices, including budget-friendly options like Leisure Arts coloring books and affordable options.

What type of paper is best for use with Sharpies?

Heavy-duty paper that can withstand the bleed-through of Sharpies is best. Look for a book with high-quality paper that won’t tear or smudge when using Sharpies.

Can Sharpies be used on all types of coloring books?

Not all coloring books are suitable for use with Sharpies. Coloring books with heavy-duty paper are best used with Sharpies to prevent bleed-through.


The best coloring book for Sharpies has heavy-duty paper, appealing designs, a size that fits your lifestyle, versatility, and a price that fits your budget. Consider these factors when choosing a coloring book with Sharpies to ensure an enjoyable and satisfying coloring experience.

There are many options at the Best Coloring Books for Sharpies. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced colorist, you can find the perfect coloring book. Feel free to try out different options to find the best fit for your coloring needs and preferences. Happy coloring!

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