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About us: We are a book review blog that specializes in English language books. We review children’s coloring, Activity books. Girl’s books and adult coloring book

Our goal is to provide our readers with honest and unbiased book reviews. Our reviews will help you make informed decisions when selecting a book to read.

We launched Bookswheel in December of 2022. Our blog has since grown to cover a variety of genres and topics, but we maintain our focus on providing quality book reviews.

We aim to give our readers the information they need to make informed choices about what books to read and where to find them.

About books Wheel
AKM Borhanich

“My name is AKM Borhanich and I have been a full-time Publishing support VA for the last 7 years.”


Want To Become A Publisher?

Being a publisher can be an extremely rewarding experience. Not only do you get to share your work with the world, but you can also earn a good living from it. We’ll help you with everything you need to know to become a publisher.

The benefit of Becoming A Publisher

  • Publishing is a great way to share your work with the world.
  • Becoming a publisher can give you a strong platform to promote your work.
  • Publishing can also lead to opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.
  • Many resources are available to help you become a publisher, including online courses and workshops.


Who we have worked with

We are a Publishing support company and have worked with some great clients. We want to share a few of our favorite projects with you so that you can get a better idea of who we are and what we can do for you.